The Insurance Institute of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

About Us

What We're All About

The Insurance Institute of SVG was established in1997, with Joe Sheridan being the founding member and President.

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Objectives of the Institution

  • to promote, encourage and organise training and education in all aspects of insurance at all levels;

  • to set standards for its member with respect to ethics, discipline and professional conduct;

  • to promote and protect the welfare and interest of the Institute and Insurance professionals in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines;

  • to encourage the acquisition of knowledge by study for recognised professional examinations;

  • to conduct examinations in insurance and to award diplomas as an Institute or in collaboration with the other Institutes or educational bodies;

  • to facilitate members by holding examinations of other recognised bodies where authorised;

  • to encourage social interaction among persons in the insurance profession;

  • to establish and maintain an insurance library;

  • to cooperate with any organisation for the achievement of any of these objects.